I was watching a movie the other day, one of our favorites: It's Complicated. I know I've chatted about my LOVE of the sets in basically any Nancy Myers movie before, but in particular I love the kitchen featured in that movie. While watching I noticed that most of the movie takes place in the evening, and the home is just stunning. It got me thinking that in the world of pinterest and blog land it is pretty rare to see the perspective of evening in most homes. Which is sad, because that is when many homes come alive!

If you stay at home like I do the kitchen is a busy place all day. It is bright, full of laughter and always has something going on.

By dusk it has already been dirtied, cleaned, organized and used. But there is a peaceful moment just before dinner.


This is the brief time when I usually have a second to reflect on the day. Wren usually has an hour to herself in her playroom or bedroom instead of napping these days and Sean is on his way home from work. Getting dinner going used to be so stressful for me, but lately it has become my own little ritual before the kitchen is abuzz with activity and family again.

There are always mid-prep requests for a snack or a taste.

Nightfall doesn't come till quite late here in the Summer, but this room faces East and is thankfully the first to fall from the direct glare of the sun. Hot days and a hot kitchen are not a fun combination.

Even before nightfall the kitchen takes on a different kind of feel. A warm, inviting, centered place. Where we catch up on the days activities and share our plans and goals for the day or week to come. 

{ where we share food, memories and laughter }

Does your home have a different vibe in the evening?