Doing a little dancy dance


It's hard to believe that this little chapter is almost finally closed! I am handing over the keys to Lexington in exactly one week to a super duper excited young couple (if you are wondering what the heck a Lexington is? click here to learn more). I think it has been harder to let it go than it was to get it done! All the sleepless nights, dreaming about what to do there, all the exhausted evenings after doing a million errands and then sanding old paint until my arms felt like Jello. I am a little sad to say goodbye.


But as they say, it's on wards and upwards for me. I learned so much about myself, ambition, drive, laying tile, making mistakes, why I hate carpet, making friends, and true passion throughout the whole process. Above making money while flipping houses, those things are priceless to me. 

(but I'm happy to report the 'making money' stuff worked out as well)

If you were one of the ever patient people who was waiting for the House Sale I was promising for all the furniture and fix'ins at Lexington I am not sure if it is going to happen as planned. The new buyers want a few things and besides that the whole deal, from first offer to handing over the keys, is taking only 13 days. Not nearly enough time for me to tag and price everything and then give you a few days notice as to what day a sale would be on. So I am going to do a photo inventory and have a little sale post here in the near future. Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to join in~

Thanks so much for all your support, encouragement, and advice with Lexington!!! It made this giant leap from flipping furniture into real estate so much less frightening and all that much more exhilarating. Stay tuned because I will be sharing my next house project in the very near future and as those on my instagram feed briefly saw, it's a bit of a bigger project...