Up up and away

Wren has always been enthralled with things in the sky. When she was only barely a year old she would point out the moon and smile. As she's gotten old her love of the moon has grown significantly. There are days we are driving around and she screams at the top of her lungs from the back seat "MOOOOON!". I nearly swerve, losing focus and wondering what could cause such a loud, frantic scream from the girl behind me when she will point out the moon hiding behind a cloud a 3pm on a Wednesday. If the moon is out, my girl won't miss it. She has since become interested in airplanes and can hear or see one no matter how far away. She is a sky watcher.

So we went and got her some kites this Summer. We had one last year that lasted exactly 1.5 flights, but even that half flight was fun in her eyes. So I loaded up, anticipated many crashes. 

Getting ready for flight.

I guess I didn't really need to load up because this girl's got skills with a kite. Not one crash! 

I think her kite is on autopilot here.

We live a short walk away from an open grass field so it is nice to march over with our gear mid afternoon on a rare slow day.


Enjoying the sun, wind and watching the kids at school get out for lunch.

Always the character, she usually turns our standard kite expedition into a yoga/dance/kiting hybrid.

Her trusty princess kite, my Brobee kite which lasted only 4 minutes before a strong gust of wind tore the string from it. 

It is not surprising that she finds so much joy and peace in something like flying a kite... she is a bird after all.

Have a safe and happy weekend!