Welcome to Parkview!

Hi Guys!! I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing long weekend. It's weird how just one weekend seems to separate Summer from Fall... but sure enough I even broke out my Uggs on Saturday!

I am sorry I went MIA last week! It was moving week at Lexington. All the furniture found new homes (Hi to all the fabulous people who came by!!), but I kind of forgot just how many small items I had there, as well as moving the mattress and larger things we are keeping. And if that wasn't exciting (yet tiring!) enough, we also got the keys to our next project on Friday!!!!

I want to welcome you all to Parkview.

She is a not all that pretty, but I think it might be a classic ugly duckling story. We just have to make her a swan. 

I am happy to not be tackling this project alone, but together with my sister, Torri, and my Dad. Both of them were so much help at Lexington that we decided to band together and start a new little company all together. I am still going to be working on my own project(s), but think it is going to be a really fun adventure to do projects with them too! 

I am not even going to go into detail today with what all needs to happen here because it is obviously A LOT. But again, you guys will get the moment by moment progress. Which reminds me, would you like more reno posts than Lexington, less, the same? I don't want to turn the blog into a crazy construction site but if you want more than one weekly post let me know or if you want special posts on certain projects!

As bad as the outside is, you won't believe the inside!!!!

Business meeting/family reunion taking place in the hallway?Powder room? Laundry room? We don't even know at this point... It is a weird, weird house that we are completely re-working as far as layout goes.

I am so happy the last owner was kind enough to paint the ducts... it definitely makes everything look a little less crazy. not

What I'm guessing was the kitchen, but will become the family room.

Standing in the current dining room (which will become the kitchen) looking into the living room (which will become a living/dining room).

Still in the future kitchen. It should be a big one!

Looking into the mud room from the hallway.

 Large den off the mud room?! which will gain entry from the front hall as well eventually.

The ONLY thing worth saving in here: the wood stairs.

Upstairs hallway. Centering and enlarging the window is one of our first projects.

There are four good sized bedrooms upstairs, but only ONE bathroom in the WHOLE HOUSE. so we are adding a powder room downstairs as well as converting one bedroom into a spacious ensuite/ closet off the master. 

It won't look all that glamorous for quite some time, but it is so much fun to watch it all come together. Our first projects start up in the next week or two: all new windows/doors and siding.