Another Parkview Update

 photo _MG_4036_zps3f665089.jpg

Things are really picking up! It was just a week or so ago that I was showing the drywall going in, but since then we have full drywall and ceilings, as well as all the walls and ceilings painted with their first 2 coats of paint. The final coat of paint will go up once we have baseboards, doors and trim so the painters can do all that at the same time.

Oh yeah, and we have a new front porch addition! I think it will be the biggest single improvement once we are done and all the new siding and character are added to the trim work out here.

As you can see, when I took this last week we were getting ready for our new roof which is now in progress. Then our new exterior insulation and siding will go on.
 photo _MG_4038_zpsd4d59418.jpg

On to the inside, here is the living room (from standing in the dining room). It is pretty amazing to have lights inside now! I can't wait to show you some of the fixtures we have as well for hanging lights.
 photo _MG_4027_zps51de3e53.jpg

From the dining room we head into the kitchen, where our cabinetry is starting to get prepped for the kitchen install.
 photo _MG_4034_zps2306797b.jpg

Looking into the kitchen from the family room. I should have taken more photos today because our cabinets are all ready and up, just without doors till our flooring is in place.
 photo _MG_4031_zps4ae84da1.jpg

 photo _MG_4033_zps99af46bd.jpg

From the kitchen looking into the family room, which is housing most of my drawer and door fronts.
 photo _MG_4028_zpsf06da58d.jpg

Off the family room is a hallway with a large laundry room (that is still dark without the light installed) and powder room.
 photo _MG_4029_zpsff823597.jpg

Our side entrance is also dark without lighting still, but I can't wait to show you what I have planned for storage and organization in here.
 photo _MG_4018_zps42c8b434.jpg

Off the side entrance we have a really really large den/office that also leads back on to our front entry.
 photo _MG_4017_zps93a5d767.jpg

Heading upstairs off the foyer (it is small, but unfortunately the one thing I couldn't change about the house. Such is life dealing with old homes).
 photo _MG_4026_zps3a852781.jpg

The upstairs hallway is so much brighter with the new window in the center of the house.
 photo _MG_4024_zps416bdf5a.jpg

At the top of the stairs is the second bathroom.
 photo _MG_4025_zps182c3a7a.jpg

This is our master bedroom.
 photo _MG_4023_zpscebc5c29.jpg

But my FAVORITE thing we changed about the house was converting the fourth upstairs bedroom into a roomy master ensuite.
 photo _MG_4019_zps2f46dc12.jpg

The double vanity and wall sconces will probably be the last things installed, but I am already in love with this room. And on the right you can see the bright new master closet entrance.
 photo _MG_4020_zps8c056a91.jpg

It is long and narrow, but the natural light and bright window make up for it. Definitely not the kind of closet you usually see in houses built in the 1960's.
 photo _MG_4021_zps4ccf0705.jpg

In the master bath we will have a lot of tile work to get done and glass dividers/doors on the shower area. But I can visualize it all done and I am totally jealous already.

 photo _MG_4022_zpsc0eaa822.jpg

So that is roughly where things stand! I have flooring/doors and trim being ordered this week so the finished product isn't looking nearly so far out as it did about a month ago.

Lots of work left though!