Open for Business

heyOyster photo heyOyster-1.jpg 
Eeeek! I am kind of nervous, yet all excited at the same time. Today is my first day of business over at my Hey, Oyster etsy store!!!

It took a little longer than I expected or hoped to get set up with all the usual craziness around here but I am so thrilled to finally open the proverbial doors.  I still have a handful of treasures to post, including a pile of ADORABLE handmade vintage children`s sweaters but all in all the majority of my effort is already up. 

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I honestly love each and every treasure for different reasons or different hypothetical furniture they would look great with, but in the end I can`t hoard them all to myself. So this is a way of sharing all the beautiful handmade goodies I find with you. 
 photo _MG_3400_zps1da4596c.jpg 

I have yet to decide whether I will keep cycling through inventory as I find new treasures or if I want to approach it more as a `flash` site that I restock every month or two all at once so let me know what you would prefer.
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And as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support! I have had some really really touching emails and comments about getting this little venture off the ground.