Little girls really can be all sugar and spice sometimes. Specially weeks like this that are filled with rain and drizzle and general cruddy weather. You know, the ones where you have watched every possible movie, baked all possible snacks and exhausted a plethora of craft ideas to keep them amused. Right when you are at the breaking point where you feel like you just. need. a. moment. to. yourself.

The sun comes out for 20 minutes. 

And in those 20 minutes your four year old runs outside and plucks every flower she can reach and brings them back for you.
 photo _MG_5958_zpsc55a9f3e.jpg 

The stems are a little too short to display them in any other fashion than laying them in bowls and cups of water. They look surprisingly amazing like that.

That's right, my biggest design inspiration this week came from my preschooler. Funny how you just have to look around you to see so much beauty.

 photo _MG_5952_zpsd0e4863a.jpg 

Just as the drizzle started up again I raced out with the scissors to cut a few longer stemmed Lupines for myself as well.

A girl's gotta treat herself right!
 photo _MG_5835_zpsdf8addbb.jpg 

In other news, I want to wish my studly Mr. a VERY happy twenty ninth birthday today!!! He is getting better with age, and I only hope he says the same about me as we take on our last year before we hit the big 3-0. Yikes. Where has the time gone?

We have nothing more planned than some good BBQ and family coming over, just like he wanted it.
 photo _MG_5973_zps3c45e48d.jpg

ANNNNDDDD in other, other news, this post is officially my 1000 blog post. So many years, so many words, so many photos, so many friends. 

And TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!