And the ampersand obsession continues in my little world (get it? AND? you can tell me to stop now). I picked up this ring recently and am eyeing these adorable earrings... chants 'you do not need these, you do not need these'. 
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Life has been hectic lately! Lots of adjusting our routines to our new school schedule, and I have been feverishly working to find a new project to tackle. I am crossing my fingers my realtor will already have given me some good news before you read this. Either way, I will keep hunting for the next place to give a Holly Makeover. But I sure hope I can sink my teeth into something new before I start ripping apart my own house again! 

Even with our full days I can't help but feel this Hans Christian Andersen quote is one of the best ever.
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Have a magical weekend. I know mine is sure to be filled with lots of pixie dust!