September Candle of the Month

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Once the weather starts to feel like it has made the shift to Fall I find myself missing the ambiance of candles. 
Somehow a burning candle just makes a house feel like a home.

This month I bought a scent called Taporo from the L.Florem line from Voluspa.
 photo IMG_7770_zps6d4bce65.jpg

The scent is hard to pinpoint, specially as the line claims to blend 20 oils per scent. But some of the highlights are lime blossoms and leaf, green mandarin rind, cassis and white strawberry. 
florem photo IMG_7771_zps3773c6bd.jpg 

I would sum it up by saying it smells heavenly! So of course I ordered two...
 photo IMG_7774_zpsa96d0006.jpg 

The delicate glass jar is just a bonus. I always clean them out and save them for everything from flower arrangements to holding craft supplies, there is never a shortage of things to use a pretty jar for.
 photo IMG_7773_zps0edcec92.jpg 
 photo IMG_7777_zps27a3e000.jpg

I hope your Monday is a sweet as these candles!