Closing in...

We are on the brink of finishing! I actually think I have tricked my brain into believing we are already finished because I've been packing up and trekking bags of accessories and odds and ends since last week. 
 photo IMG_8546_zps6e8190d0.jpg

For this house, I am mainly staging it with items 'borrowed' from our own house, but have set aside a small budget for a couple extras. 

We still have a ways to go until I declare it 'staged!', but I will be adding a few items with every trip.

The stools and pillow are two of those additions, both are Target purchases (the Beaver Canoe pillow is on clearance right now for only $7!)
 photo IMG_8548_zps699220c9.jpg 

Just a note to any potential buyers out there: cute little girl and dog are 
not included. Sorry!
 photo IMG_8551_zpsb8b3ed13.jpg

A few of my other purchases are a couple of these transparent and chrome dining chairs from Ikea (which I was thrilled to actually find at a local thrift store for a fraction of the price!!!!!!!!!)
Those sleek, stylish chairs are going to be paired with a beautiful black iron pedestal table for an eclectic twist on cottage-style.

With a little fun and quirkiness thrown into the mix thanks to these guys

(letters are also from Target)

Of course, no reno would be complete without some drama and CottageK is no different! Somehow we ended up short 4 sheets of tile for our bathroom. Doesn't sound like a big deal... but when it was a special order that took 3 weeks to arrive it totally is!!!!

 Thankfully my tile suppliers are super heroes and put in a rush shipment for me that will be arriving today, but the pressure is on to get everything wrapped up within the next 3 days thanks to the delays it caused. There is sure to be lots of craziness, and frantic cleaning/decorating/touching up in my immediate future.