Outfit Snapshots

It's funny, when it comes to shopping some people just love digging around and to other people that is just too time consuming and frustrating. I can see how some people would feel that way, and many of my friends tell me that is why the get so overwhelmed and frustrated with stores like Forever21. If they don't see it on a display they don't dare start searching the hundreds of racks. But I totally enjoy that type of shopping and have a blast killing an hour doing that.

My only complaint is the 6 item rule for the fitting rooms! I love trying various combinations on and my pile is like 20 items deep at any given moment. 

I fell in love with the pattern on this skirt, but as a casual girl I decided to find a cropped sweatshirt to pair it with. This way the awesome silhouette is still visible, but I feel like I'm not too over dressed.
sweatshirt, skirt, necklace from Urban Outfitters.

It's like my favorite outfits from the early 90's are back. Leggings and sweatshirts. Just based on comfort alone I have no idea why these took so long to come back.

sweatshirt, Zara cargo pants from last spring.

Since it can still be cool here sweatshirts are my staple. Seriously, you've never met someone who wears as many as me. Sean just shakes his head.
My Beyonce obssession reached new levels when I found this one. Sean thought I was just a big Ice Cube/Westside Connection fan... He obviously doesn't understand the Queen B love.

Yeah, I think I'm set for Spring to finally make her debut.