I have been looking everywhere and anywhere for unique, fun pieces for the cabin. But like any lady without a whole lot of willpower I have been tempted to bring home a few odds and ends for our own house when I see a good sale.

And I saw a GREAT sale at Urban Outfitters the other week in store. They had an extra 50% off all sale items and these goodies all followed me home (for less than $16 all total!). Not sure why the prices online are different but I've linked items still online in case you want to try and track anything down too!

This chambray contrast piped pillow was a whopping $2.50! 
urban 001

I love the subtle punch of pink!
urban 002

I am a HUGE fan of artist Baron Von Fancy and was super excited when he did a collaboration with Urban. This little guy was only $1! Perfect for my office and getting my creativity going.
urban 003

Whisky sour candle
urban 004 
urban 005
And two things did manage to make it to my cabin pile: this print and a rug I will wait to unveil when I show you my room design plans!
urban 006