Possession Obsession: Poppy Barley confetti flats

Hi guys!! I am still alive, still kicking and still hustling to get Laurier done! I will show you some in-progress shots tomorrow. I'm still trying to get the hang of this school schedule with Wren plus fit in the all-time-high level of projects I am tackling. It's all very fun and exciting but sitting at the laptop to do a blog post seems like a luxury I just don't have time for yet. But I am in the process of simplifying and setting a schedule that will allow me to pop in more (at least once a week I'm hoping!). 

But speaking of Popping!! I just had to share my current obsession: Poppy Barley's confetti flats!
You may recall me including a pair in my 'Like Want Need' post back in June, they were on my NEED list!
Don't they just scream 'Holly!'?
I am so lucky to say I now have my very own pair! The colours and pattern had my heart off the bat, but I was most excited by the fact that they are custom fitted. You see, I have wide feet. Like embarrassingly hard to fit wide feet. It makes nearly all cute flats besides runners very close to agony to wear. There are always a surplus of bandaids in my purse for this very reason, but not any more!

These are a heaven sent gift from above that have changed my view of comfy and cute footwear.

The only problem? The bottoms are even freakin adorable and it nearly killed me to wear them outside the first time in fear of dirty-ing them LOL. 

See? even wide feet can be cute and cosy now! If you even kind of think you need a pair of these I highly suggest snapping up a pair because there are only 77 to go around!