New Year, New Look

I thought it was time for a little shake up around here. A new look. It's funny how small changes can make a big impact. And something simple like changing up the look of my blog kind of reminded me why I enjoy blogging. It reinvigorates me to get back to posting a little more. I can't make any promises as far as amazing, creative content, but simple things like quick snaps and notes on life are why I started and where I think I'm headed with blogging again. A slightly word-ier form of instagram I suppose.

This winter has been a good one for me, and I have been really inspired by it so I'm guessing it's pretty obvious where my inspiration for the look came from. You can't fight mother nature, and when you accept it I've discovered it's easier to appreciate the beauty around you. Although in another few months I may feel differently if it drags on well into spring LOL.

Anyway, happy Wednesday and thanks for popping by!