Ship Island


Last week we packed up a picnic, all our bathing suits and some towels and boarded a boat for an hour long journey off the gulf coast to a place called Ship Island.

It is a small island with nothing but beaches and a little brush and the boat drops you off in the morning and comes back for you in the afternoon. Nobody lives here and there is only one or two attendants working a little shack that sells sunscreen and floaties and such, but the island is just big enough that despite arriving with 40 or 50 other people we felt like it was our own private island!

It was slightly overcast when we arrived for the day but the heat was amazing and the water is warm.


Wren collected hermit crabs, we examined starfish and even saw dolphins swimming just off shore throughout the day! If I had to imagine what paradise looked like I would guess this is it.


The waters on the south side of the island are really shallow and Wren and I loved walking knee deep and just seeing all the fish swim around our ankles.



We had such a fun, relaxing day stranded out there, it was one of those days you imagine you will never forget the feel of.