Summer Fun: Confetti Canons!


You may already know this, but it was news to me! In the party aisle of our local dollar store they have party favours called 'Party Poppers', which are basically just confetti bombs. They aren't all that pretty but they are sure fun, and make any bash a little more exciting and festive. So I decided to pretty them up to make cute favours for our next backyard BBQ.


They come in a pack of three for $1, which seems like a steal. To glam them up I simply glued my paper of choice around the upper portion of the canon and decorated as I saw fit.

Then comes the fun!


Partay time!

Sean turned 30 this past weekend! As usual, we try to make every birthday special and fun, filled with people we care about and cherish. When your home is filled with people like that entertaining is so stress-free and much more relaxed I find. 


Sean's birthday is actually on the solstice so we wanted the party to be filled with bright, sunny colours! Thanks to Astrobrights Papers we had so much fun getting party ready. I did some geode cake toppers.

And had a blast creating a bright paper backdrop! This was so fun and easy.

Nothing over the top, just happy and bright since the sun was out until nearly 11pm!

And one dollar store flamingo for good measure, of course.

Honeycomb balls and paper lanterns from Target.


Wren and I had a lot of fun making the paper wall and getting ready for Daddy's party!

What can I say, we love a good excuse to get dolled up!

Birthday cake flavoured Peeps on donuts in our party colors made fun party snacks. 

Thanks to all our friends and family who were able to join in celebrating the big 3-0 for this guy. 

He always deserves a good celebration.

Small Teacher Gift


This year we wanted to give Wren's teachers a little thank you that could stick around indefinitely. So we decided on herbs, which are super affordable (and can even be found at the grocery store) and the pots were a great deal at 2 for $1 at the local dollar store. But that didn't seem too exciting so we added a little pop of fun to it with a quick and easy faux flower.


Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing a couple projects that I pulled together using the bright and fun papers the awesome folks at AstroBrights Papers sent my way. They have some really fun colours to play with and various stocks of paper so that you can find the right density depending on your craft.

I chose to pair 'plasma pink', 'rocket red' and 'stardust white' which has some little speckles of colour in it for this project, but you can do any colour combo you like, with as many or few papers as you desire. The only other supplies needed are a small dowel or kabob skewer, scissors and tap.

Cut a 3 to 4 inch strip of your papers.

Then just eyeball and cut strips about a quarter inch apart along the length of your papers (I just held and cut all three together to save time), only cutting to about three quarters of an inch from the edge.

Then wrap the uncut edge around the skewer and tape in place.

To make it 'bloom' I simply rolled the strips gently outward on my fingers and played with it till it looked like I wanted it.

Next, I made a little sign for the pot, and I wanted it to tie in with the vintage plate I used as a saucer so I did a quick swipe of water colour along the bottom of the paper.

Then we stamped a little message.

Finally, for the card we used this cute one I found at Urban Outfitters (which you could easily recreate at home!), but to personalize it we taped a picture of Wren's name from last summer that I took on my phone and printed in a batch of photos from Printic a while ago. I love keeping a variety of these Polaroid-like photos around to use in cards and on gifts, and this one made a cute addition to the front of the card.

A little twine around the pot for some extra colour and in no time we had a cute, easy and homemade gift to tell Wren's teacher and teacher's assistant just how much we appreciate them!