Hello from New Orleans!


So we packed up a jumped on a plane for New Orleans a couple weeks ago! I have never in my life been here and to see it all for the first time is nothing short of spectacular. 

[ 7 am flights are probably the least glamorous thing... ever]

We are here for 6 weeks so we rented a little house in one of the older neighbourhoods, just a couple blocks off the Mississippi River. This way we fully settle in and have some sort of routine during our stay as well as getting a full New Orleans experience. 

All our neighbours have a front porch as well and it has been amazing to see how neighbourly and friendly EVERYONE is here. I honestly keep saying to Sean "it feels like we went back in time 40 or 50 years!". The little girls on the block all love to go catch bugs, everyone has welcomed us with open arms and we even had invitations to come over for dinner after only a day here. The reality is that I know nearly every person on our. whole. block. on a first name basis which is not common back home. It has a lot to do with how close houses are here, but I think that it is also that southern hospitality that people here are raised with.

I could spend days just admiring the houses here. Our own house, although small, has incredibly tall ceilings (it goes up another foot or so from the picture rail in this shot of Wren squished between the pocket doors LOL). Every room has a fireplace and every door has a transom window over it, and I cannot get enough!

Some of our neighbours are so creative in their gardening and house paint colours that I have to document it all for future reference! I would love to bring back a little of this flavour somehow in a future project at home.

Wren in particular has just taken to New Orleans. She has a love of plants and animals and between the gorgeous blooms everywhere and the countless friendly dogs and cats that call our street home she is just in heaven.

This beachy blue house down the street has stolen my heart!

But really, every house is special and makes me fall in love.

We live across the Mississippi from the French Quarter so on the days we want to go into the city we catch a 5 minute ferry ride then take trolley cars where we need to go.

The faded out chairs on the ferry deck just make my heart sing!


And of course Wren thinks it's amazing!

You really could get lost just taking in how beautiful everything is down in the French Quarter! From the creole cottages to the townhouses to the taller buildings, everything is dripping in beauty. 




I have been so busy and excited to get out and explore that I actually haven't even whipped out my Canon at all, just shooting with my iPhone, but I definitely need to make a point of snapping some more of our little neighbourhood and I can't wait to share the rest of our stay in my next post!

Happiest of Fridays guys!

Photo Fun / 1

Sometimes when I'm looking for some inspiration I play with my photos. It's an awesome way of coming up with a cool colour combination that may not have naturally come to me when I play with the hue adjuster on my favourite photo editors ( I like using Pixlr when I'm on my computer at home, or Afterlight app on my phone). It is also a great way to take your photos to a cool new level if you wanted to have them all be coordinated and cohesive for a gallery wall!

I usually save them for myself, but I thought I might start sharing some of my play time creations, just because.  Literally the only thing altered is the hue, it's not a photoshop trick or time consuming process. You just scroll the hue meter back and forth until you think the colours look good! Definitely give it a go.

PS: all these photos were taken on my phone, so don't feel like you need to be using the fanciest equipment to make something beautiful.






And lastly, who wouldn't want a cute little purple dog??? Sounds like every little girls dream.


Balloon Love

It might only be Wednesday, but I we are only one day away from Summer Holidays officially starting in our house and I thought it deserves a little celebration. If only in pictures.

Some pretty balloons to make your day a hint brighter.