Starting to get really excited

Yesterday afternoon my 8 and a half months pregnant coworker left 2 hours early in a cab to the hospital after having slight cramps all during lunch, and this morning I come in to work only to find out that she had a healthy 7 pound baby girl 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. Talk about lucky! It is still so weird to think that just yesterday she was sitting here like me and today she has a new baby, and it is even weirder to think that it will be us in only a few short weeks.

Since I am not really comfortable wearing high heels right now that makes a lot of the cute fall boots I see in stores unpractical, so I was extremely excited when I found these Hush Puppies 2 weeks ago. They are the perfect mix of casual and dressy and are the most delightfully comfy shoes I have bought in ages. And here I thought Hush Puppies were just for nurses and grandmas...

And last, but not least here is my contribution of cuteness for the day: a picture of Mung Kee enjoying a leisurely car ride with his granny last Sunday.