Where's my bed???

We had a very productive weekend over here at our household (thanks to a lot of help from my parents!). We got about 500 sq ft of our hardwood installed in just over a day, which we are mighty proud of considering we were complete amateurs going in to the job. We are no where near finished the living/dining room yet but here is a little sample of our progress:

Mom and Dad making headway
Our Fearless Foreman
All laid out
Sean is taking Monday and Tuesday off and hopes to have the light fixture changed out and all baseboards in which means I may get the A-OK to start decorating in the next week or two!
I also managed to get some fun projects done for the baby's room that I will definitely be sharing in the next few days as well.
And in honor of all our hardwork we are now off to spend the rest of the evening relaxing in front of the fire and catching up on some movie rentals we have been anxious to see. I am sure we will both be hurting tomorrow LOL