When we purchased our house this summer one of the features we were super excited by was the real wood burning fireplace. After having the convenience of a simply switching a light switch to turn on our gas fireplace at our last house we were perhaps a little unrealistic on all the work that goes along with collecting real wood, kindling, and newspaper and then attempting to get them all lit, and even more importantly to stay lit! Deciding that perhaps those easy to use logs you buy at the grocery store were more in line with our needs, we actually tried a few and were happily on our way to once again using our fireplace several nights a week during the fall and winter. That was until we stumbled across Java Logs at our local hardware store! They are made of recycled coffee grounds and are much safer burning as well as being healthier since they do not give off much creosote or carbon monoxide compared to real logs or other brands of quickstart logs. Definitely check them out if you love an easy, low maintenance fire roaring in your fireplace on a chilly evening!