a couple questions answered:

Quite a few of you emailed me and asked in the comments section how on earth we didn't get any paint on our floors while we were spraying, and instead of responding individually to each person it is much easier just to share here (even though I love emailing with so many of you! I have just been crazy busy~). To sum it up: LOTS of prep. I started by pretty much sealing off the entire front entry way from the rest of the house with these disposable plastic drop cloths:

You can buy them here for only $0.62!!!!

I then used more of these to cover the floors and walls with painters tape. If you've ever seen that episode of Seinfeld with the bubble boy, that is pretty much what we looked like LOL. It took about an hour and a half to put it all up properly, but that was much easier than cleaning up for hours! I highly recommend these disposable sheets for protecting any furniture or flooring while you are painting, and for so cheap you can afford to simply toss them when you are done!

The second question was where I got the shoe organizers. I actually bought them from a european big box store similar to Ikea called Jysk . They have an amazing selection of organizers and closet accessories and are incredibly cheap, but I am sure you could find one really similar at Target or Walmart.

As always, thanks so much for the amazing feedback and positive comments. We can't believe we actually have more than 10 whole readers. And feel free to contact me anytime at holhanson23@yahoo.ca, I usually have time to get back to everyone, just this week has been very hectic!