Spring Cleaning

I am often cleaning around here, probably more than the average person, since we have a lot of extra dust and debris from all the renos. But I will admit that I have several closets and corners that have been grossly neglected since we moved in. Since it is tradition to do an annual deep cleaning around this time of year I have vowed to correct all my embarassing clutter.

My first project was our laundry room closet. This has literally been a dumping ground for all our day to day shoes and coats. And some where along the line several bags of brand new clothes along with snorkeling gear, a card shuffler (still in box?) and a tray of fudge (ewwwww!!!) managed to get shoved in there, adding to the chaos. I feel a sense of dread everytime I venture into this closet, but decided that enough is enough! It is time to reclaim some form of function for this poor closet.

The only investment I made to help us stay organized were two of these shoe organizers. I took off one level on each to allow for boots to get enough height, and at $12.50 each they were well worth it!

Thanks to the fact that we also have a good sized closet at our front entryway I have designated this closet as strictly casual shoes and jackets. All longer length or evening coats stay at the front, and all dress shoes stay in their original boxes in our master closet.
Stay tuned for more adventures in Spring Cleaning!