The days of Summer are already zipping by.

Summer is only days old but I am sitting here wondering to myself "how did 5 days already go by?". Our Father's Day/Birthday weekend was a blast, Sean's gift (a hammock he has had his eye on for months now) was a big hit! We have spent several evenings just enjoying the moon and a warm breeze in it after Wren has fallen asleep. We also had some immunizations for her this week which went as well as can be hoped. She really is a little trooper, back to her usual self after only minutes.

As I am sure you have noticed, my blogging has left much to be desired when it comes to frequency these days. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have too many projects to complete and so little time to blog so it comes to down to getting stuff done or blogging about wanting to get stuff done. I will choose the first option! I will definitely still update every couple of days with all the many happenings of our renovating and decorating though, so don't worry! Good things come to those who wait~

Speaking of good things, I have found MANY a great deal lately at our local GoodWill store after my sister made a great find with a vintage dresser and inspired me to check it out. I am slowly but surely collecting various paintings and drawings of ships and ocean scenes to do a GIANT collage down our stairs. So far my searches have yeilded 3 antique oil paintings (one last December and another just a couple weeks ago that is temporarily in Wren's room and one my mom gave me today that belonged to my Great Grandmother), and a hand drawn sketch of a ship I found for $9 at GoodWill yesterday. I also purchased a HUGE landscape painting for $19 at GoodWill, but plan on removing the painting and using the amazing frame to make a bulletin board for our back hallway.

As you can see I have had, and will continue to have, my hands full with lots bits and bobs. The good news is that there is nothing I enjoy more than to be busy with things like this to do!