Fire Pit to Fire Pretty

Yesterday I almost finished the fireplace (finally!). I only had the marble pencil edge to install, and the brass grating to spray black. I had the can of high temperature spray paint sitting in the garage for close to a month so I figured it was about time. I managed to get everything done except the grout on the edging which is actually my favorite part so I have that to look forward to next week.
For any new readers out there, here is what we started with:

Here is was after much hard work, but yet to be painted:

And here it is today (I FINALLY put my beloved silver poufs in here!):

Since Sean's work schedule is a little different than most we are actually starting our weekend today and are off to the cabin until Tuesday where we will be celebrating the first days of Summer, Sean's 25th birthday as well as his first Father's Day!

We hope everyone out there kicks their feet up and enjoys their weekend as well~