Furniture Painting Questions

Thank you to everyone for all your comments on my last few posts! I am always happy when it gives someone else a little nudge to beautify something they have laying around the house. Instead of replying back in the comments sections I thought that more of you would be likely to see the answers to your questions here.

Tina asked: Did you have to use wood filler or did you just sand & paint?
I did fill the holes before painting and the sanded down the filler with fine grit sandpaper to make sure that the holes were completely undetectable.

Kim and several of you asked: Where did you get the drawer pulls?
I bought them at Lee Valley, a woodworking and garden store. If you are not near a Lee Valley, I believe they may do phone or internet orders, the product number on the pulls is 02W30.04 . They are the 4 and a quarter inch frame pulls. If you can't order, definitely do a Google search for Library Frame Pulls, or Card Pulls. I saw a few sources when I was doing some research before buying. They cost $6.50 each (USD).

Jen M asked: How many coats of paint do you do?
I did 2 coats. I chose not to sand or prime this piece prior to painting because it looked like it would definitely be the type to discolor and stain a new coat of paint (sometimes that verathane layer is best to leave alone!!!). The reason it only takes me a couple of coats is because I use a paint gun which really gives a smooth, even finish. I am not patient enough to get in all the nooks and crannies with a brush! But I find that when I do use a brush it does take 3 or more coats.

Lisa asked: I have an antique dresser and table we need to refinish/paint - any tips?
Depending on the pieces and their original stain I would maybe not sand them before hand unless there are areas that need to be evened out (scratches or dents). When you go to buy your paint, ask a sales associate about no-sand primer. I like Kilz and have yet to see any peeling or chipping, and I have used it on high traffic stair case railings! If you really want a brush stroke free/ roller line free finish I highly recommend the paint gun (you can rent it at Home Depot). It now takes me just under half an hour to paint an entire piece! Good luck Lisa~

Simply Fabulous asked: Do you paint by hand? Also, do you sand everything before painting?
Answers to both above!

Sara @ Be Still and Know asked: Would you mind sharing what paint you used?
I wish I could tell you Sara!!! For all my furniture paint jobs and projects I actually buy mismatched paint, the stuff that is usually sitting by the mixing counter that did not match the color card properly. I love buying that stuff for two reasons:
1. Price! You cannot beat it. I sometimes get them for as little as $3, but usually around $5, which beats the heck out of $25+ price tags.
2. You already know what the color looks like. I cannot tell you how many times I pick a color on a little tiny paper sample, get it home and once it is on a wall or piece of furniture it looks nothing like what I pictured. Usually these mismatched cans have their entire lid painted with the color so I can see the actual finish and how it looks.

If I had to describe the color it would be a very light cream with a hint of green-grey in it (think Martha!).

Jess asked: What books do you use to inspire you? Magazines?
You read correct Jess, At Home With White was on there! The other books on the coffee table are all the Shabby Chic books (they have some serious eye candy in them!): Treasure Hunting and Decorating Guide, Sumptuous Settings, Gift Giving, and of course the original Shabby Chic. I also have Martha Stewart's Guide to Decorating, and one for Sean: Louis Vuitton and the Automobile, a History.

Some of my favorite resources: Country Living magazine, and any of their books! "The Relaxed Home" by Atlanta Bartlett, and I have pretty much every Martha Stewart Living magazine from 1995-2004 cataloged and sorted out in sorters. I refer back to those all the time.

MrsKBJ asked: Does your husband love white also?
If you asked him he would say not as much as I do! But he does like the clean look and style of little clutter and bright rooms. If he were to decorate the exact same room you may see a little bit more dark wood furniture, but the light colors and upholstery would remain. In fact, he is the one who does not want me to paint a wall in our bedroom grey, he wants it white!

Carly asked: What kind of camera and lens do you use?
I use a Canon Rebel xsi, and the factory lens.

Hopeful#1 asked: I like those globes, where are they from?
They are cloches and I actually use them in the garden in the Spring to keep plants warm and moist! You can find them at specialty garden stores, and occassionally at Home Goods.

Littleton5468 asked: Did you and your hubby do the board & batten?
Actually, that was all me! While he was at work one night it suddenly occurred to me that it would be the perfect look for this room so Wren & I whipped over to Home Depot and installed it. It took about 2 days to finish completely (cutting, nailing, filling, caulking & painting), here I am installing some. The best thing I could recommend for this project is a good, long level!