Where have those 2 crazy kids been?

You may have been asking yourself this question lately (or probably not). But rest assured we have not been sitting on our laurels! We have been in the midst of an all out project frenzy (with some good food and a Canada Day fireworks display in the middle somewhere...). Wren spent some quality time with her Grandparents yesterday so that we would have the luxury of getting a whole stack of work done (Thanks mom & dad!).

We entered the final frontier of our hardwood installation, leaving only the kitchen and stairs to be done. I am pretty sure we set a record time on the guest room, starting at 2 pm, and finishing at 6:30!

Here it is in all of it's subfloor glory, since we ripped the carpet out in our pre-Wren days you can imagine how annoying it has been to looking at this room.

Exactly 4.5 hours later we realised that either we completely misjudged the size of this room or we are unbelievably efficient with our wood. Looks like Sean has a work out later tonight by hauling it all back into the garage.

Since that only took up less than a day, what else have we been doing? That is where all of this comes in:

1 old oil painting (I bought it stictly for the frame):

2 more frames for the powder room, and this funky antique metal 3.

This crazy, scratched up old dresser that has more faux knobs than I ever imagined could fit on a piece of furniture

and this coffee table and yet another dresser that I thought had a very romantic shape to it.

Poor Sean is wondering how our 2 car garage has now become my "to do" warehouse. At least he is pretty understanding as I discovered a couple weeks ago when I found him hanging out in there on a velvet wingback chair smoking a cigar (which he does about once a month) and playing dart. Turns out he has decided that with all that furniture in there it is actually a pretty good hangout!

Even though we worked our butt's off on the hardwood we just couldn't miss a good fireworks show so we strolled downtown to my Sister's place at 10pm to get a good view at a park close by. All in all, a pretty successful day!