Curtain Call

Back in April I bought 2 sets of canvas drapes from Ikea for the family room. At $39 per set I thought that was the mother of all deals for window coverings, so imagine my delight when I scanned the 2010 Ikea catalog last week and saw them with an ever better everyday price: $29!
Definitely in the budget.

I had bought some window coverings previously for the living room, but I have felt lately like they are just a smidge too white, and a little too sheer.
Case in point:

So I swapped them out yesterday with the new ones and Voila! instant improvement:

ps: you can see a little bit of my wallpaper project taking shape to the right...

Another steal of a deal I just couldn't resist recently was a trip to a rural library near our cabin. Rural libraries are amazing! They have a pretty great collection of older books, and like many city libraries they have an ongoing book sale to sell old books to raise money for new books. Over the years I have found this to be the easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on neat, old books. Well this library in particular REALLY wanted to get rid of some books. They sell reusable shopping bags for $4, and for an extra $1 you can fill the bag with as many books as you like! That's crazy talk to a book lover like me, so of course filled it, I did!
About 85% of the books on the table came from that sale.
My favorite find was a book called "Queen of Hearts". It is about Marie Antoinette and is filled with lovely prints. Perhaps I will scan them and do something fun later on...