A little life...

Ok, so I have been BEYOND busy this week! I am so thankful and excited to have many custom client projects currently on the go. I typically do not share client projects simply because it is usually not my brain-child so I don't feel right about taking credit for it, besides that I am always so sensitive to sharing other peoples' items with or without their discretion.

But I am just so thrilled about a project I am working on right now with a client by the name of Dennise *waving Hello to Dennise if she is reading this right now!*. She has a TON of fantastic furniture that I will be dreaming about for days but right now she has put me to work on a china cabinet she has. I am just in the beginning stages but since I am so often asked whether I do other colors than white I thought I would answer with this:

This is the look we are going for, but her hutch is even more gorgeous! I may just have to break with tradition and share pictures of this one~

Besides all my client's projects I am also at work on my latest masterpiece: a french provincial dining room table and chairs. This is my first true test at re-upholstering more than just the seat cushion, but the seat backs as well. I am through with all the painting and distressing and just have the upholstery to finish. I was torn on which direction to take, either going for a mix of polka dots/florals ala Anthropologie style or to go classic with all cream linen. Being the bargain shopper I am I found exactly enough dusty blue velvet, striped cream linen and silver taffeta to do a very unique yet traditional mix. I am so excited to share the final project!

And a quick and final update on my extremely thrilling slip-cover hunt. Once they arrived I was soooo thrilled to discover that my chairs are actually "mini" wingbacks *note the sarcasm*. Yup, I had to return them and on further inspection learned about the many sizes of wingbacks. I have the very smallest size out there at only 22 inches wide (the covers are for the 28 inch wide ones so they were massive). I have relented and decided that in the best interests of my mental health I will cease my efforts to locate a decent store bought version. In fact I just recently dropped 1 of the 2 chairs off with a seamstress to have custom fitted and skirted covers made. I am counting down the minutes until I see them and can share with you all!

Other than decorating both Sean and Wren have been battling fevers and colds over the last week so things have been in a little bit of disarray, hence the lack of blogging...

Hopefully we will be back into routine and updating you on all the goings-0n over here as per our usual fashion.