Marine Biology Plates

Last weekend we made a trip as a family down to our local farmers market. Fresh kettle corn, vegetables and flowers galore, when out of nowhere we stumble upon an older gentleman selling antique newspapers and maps. Rifling through his many wonders I found an old book plate from an 1857 science textbook with fish. On a whim I asked if he had anymore, and sadly he sad that was his last. As we were about to leave he said he would make a note to himself to just check around his place and see if there were any others.

Today Wren and I made another trip down to the market and when we arrived he told us that he could not find the book the fish plate came from, we thanked him for checking, and then he smiled and said "I couldn't find the book, but I didn't say I couldn't find the plates!" I was absolutely beyond thrilled when we pulled an old file folder out from under the table and opened it, completely filled with marine biology images. In total he had 16 plates that are all over 150 years old for me. The total price? $45. Sounded like a deal to me.

He gave me 3 mattes, but I actually plan on mounting them all between 2 plates of glass and doing a wall full of them.

These two are my favorites!

He also had a collection of botanicals that put this pile to shame. I am thinking they would look spectacular in the guest room, or a bathroom.
Thank you for making my weekend Mr. Book Collector!