Table and Cabinet

Isn't this little table brimming with potential?
He looked so lonely without the companion table I am sure he used to belong with. But I am more of a fan of the mismatched look anyhow so he is just fine on his own.

I painted the insides of the diamonds (or whatever that shape is, perhaps clovers?) a shade just smidge grey-er.

I think he is one cute little guy now!

This cabinet has been on my to-do list for AGES! I actually had it completely painted (inside and out for those who ask regularly), but just never got around to adding hardware.

I thought the Less is More ideology was best for this one and left it with one handle per drawer. My favorite part is actually the two zinc knobs and their back plate. I think my friend Rebecca described them best in the store when she said they felt very "Alice in Wonderland" when she was trying to open the door at the bottom of the hole.

I am hoping both end up in loving new homes, but I would be just as happy (as always!) to leave them here.