Howdy Friends! Thank you for all your interest and support for WhiteBerry Gateau~ I am in the midst of verifying shipping rates for several of you and I cannot thank you enough for all your lovely comments and emails! Make sure you get'em before their gone, because I am not sure I will continue making them once the Holiday season gets closer. We have so much going on (Wren & I each have a Birthday party to plan!) above and beyond all the usual Holiday merry-making. I will be updating with new platters soon as well as updating which ones are already sold and which ones are still available.

I am afraid that for the next little while WhiteBerry will not be updating with many new items either. Lately business has been busy with a ton of custom jobs, which is exciting! Fun colors, new ideas, and lots of amazing new friends. I cannot be more grateful for all the opportunities I have had over the last 6 months!

But the more and more successful WhiteBerry has become, the more our home has become a warehouse of constantly changing furniture. This has become somewhat tiresome, even for me! Slowly but surely I am weeding through my inventory of yet-to-be painted furniture as well as collecting pieces that I LOVE and want to live with for a while that are going to be strictly and only for us! The busier life gets the more I cherish the idea of having static and "finished" rooms to relex and let loose in.

One of those items is a pedestal coffee table for our family room. I love the idea of contrasting a circular table with a square sectional. About 2 weeks ago I found one that was very unique at the salvation army for a song at $30! It is not your typical cottage style pedestal since it is not up on feet like the lovely ones below not to mention that it is massive, but I think that gives it a funky and unexpected twist. I will have pictures for you tomorrow, but until then enjoy these dreamy coffee tables: