I am thinking I should change the name to WhiteBaby Reinvented! I was thrilled to get an email on Monday from Heather, a super adorable mom-to-be, who wanted to purchase the cabana striped dresser for her nursery. Heather just so happens to manage one of my FAVORITE stores: Urban Barn. In fact that is where we custom purchased our living room sofa, so if anyone in the Edmonton area is in the market for something similar, talk to Heather!! When we delivered the dresser to her absolutely charming 1950's character home my jaw nearly hit the floor when she showed me the nursery. It is AMAZING. I made her promise to share pictures once she has everything ready, and I am hoping she will let me share them all with you as well, but let me just say that the cabana striped dresser has definitely found a great new home!
Besides all of the excitement of meeting Heather and her husband, yesterday was very VERY exciting for Sean. He finally got the TV he has been dreaming of for at least 6 months now. So thank goodness this coffee table was ready and waiting because yesterday our family room finally came to life now that is houses a TV. The funniest part? I had been working on an antique French provincial dresser that is the exact height as new TV consoles, because we were actually going to buy him a TV for Christmas. But of course once we got his new baby home he decides the console is too low. Instead he ran up to our master bedroom and brought this cabinet all the way down...
I have another dresser that will be perfect for all his entertainment stuff that I literally risked life and limb for, but that's another story for another day.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling and get to the goods. In the midst of life I yet again forgot the always embarassing before shots but I am sure you can use your imagination. Can you believe this guy is actually larger than any pedestal dining table I have done? Crazy!

I like that the base isn't typical, and has some unusual lines.

MungKee says hello!

And there is our other Monkey, climbing away~

On a totally different note, I am positive you have all grasped my love of candles by now so I just thought I would share a cool idea for a candle holder. These are just the lids off of the giant old jars I have dozens of candles sitting in on this dresser. It's sure a lot easier than cleaning wax off the counter!