About 2 months ago I received an email from Angelica, who had just moved into a fabulous new home not too far from us. She was on the hunt for something to fill a wall in her kitchen and eventually found a really beautiful vintage cabinet which she graciously sent over for me to work on. By far, this was one of the sweetest pieces I have ever played with. The detailing on it felt very sea-inspired and it even featured shell-like moulding on the bottom cabinet drawers. I was soooo excited to hear from her again recently and discover that she also has a blog as well, Frugal Contessa.
She actually chose all the hardware later on, once she got it home and I was SOOOO thrilled to see a minty-green glass knob on the cabinet to play up the beachy-theme.
Hopefully in the next few weeks we will meet up again and grab a coffee~