I promise I haven't been trapped under a pile of precariously stacked furniture (almost though!). I've just been busy with this little person.

Okay, and there has been a lot of this as well.
That is my "To-Do" list. But since that is all mine, I will do it when I please~
And tonight it pleased me to do quite a bit! I got to this guy:

And this guy as well as his big brother, an 8 drawer dresser. By most standards these would be considered unsalvagable... but they just needed a LOT of love~

I get a lot of questions about where I work, and while it is far from magical alot of magic happens here. I get to play, think, and create... all in one half of a garage. Dolled up in my paint clothes, an old silk scarf over my hair and a pair of old purple Uggs I usually feel surprisingly glamorous. Because I enjoy every minute out there mixing paint and patching up old knob holes, and because it is quite a luxury to say you can do that for a living.

Specially when your commute is a doorway away to this.