2 steals, a deal and a splurge

I often get emails about 2 items of clothing you guys have seen in various photos. One is the shirt in the FAQ section, and the other is my ripped up, destroyed jeans. What can I say? I like my jeans like my furniture: distressed!

My absolute favorite-est jeans ever were purchased for $39 at Hollister, my second favs came from Abercrombie. Then there area my un-intentionally destroyed designer jeans that have become favorites thanks to the beautifully random holes acquired through various exploits. But you definitly don't mean to put a hole in pricey jeans!

Back to my steals.... If you are in the market for a pair of ripped up, comfy jeans to wear as the perfect foil to some glamorously feminine blouse, or just a white tee then run, don't walk to your nearest Hollister! I know, I know, you feel freakishly old shopping amongst all the 14 year olds but it is well worth it to snag a pair of jeans for $21!

Yes, $21! Oh, and the sweaters are $6.90. That's exactly 90% off the original price. I found this snazzy striped one and it is perfect for these last days of winter. I still cannot believe I only walked out with 2 items... so basically an outfit for under $30.

Today we braved an early morning to go and pick up this deal I snagged off Kijiji. But don't let it be said that we don't work for these deals! When we arrived to pick it up Sean braved a trip up the homeowner's treacherous icy front steps, and decided it had to come out the back of the house to avoid any broken necks. Well, we had it all nicely loaded up when the elderly homeowner asked if we could give him a lift to pick up his truck at a nearby garage. Sure! We are friendly people, hop in!

Well, let's just say he was very vague at giving directions and leave it at that. He insisted we commited highway robbery for paying him full asking price until we pulled out of the garage parking lot... I swear I could write a very entertaining book about the characters we've met along the way~

And finally, on to my splurge! As I have informed you numerous times, the charcoal wall in our master just isn't doing it for us so I have been pouring over interesting wall paper options. 3+ months of removing layers and layers of wallpaper all over this house really had us hesitatant to commit to anything, but today I saw this paisley silver and white wallpaper and knew it was perfection! At $150/roll it is a pricey change, but I am certain it is what I have been looking for.

Here are a couple bolder paisley walls, but I really love that you don't see paisley used very often as a wall covering. It is kind of a less dramatic option to damask I guess.

Can't wait to hang it up in 2-3 weeks when it arrives at the retailer!