Grey glass cabinet

Just as promised, I managed to get this guy moved into the house last night. But the bigger job was actually moving an even BIGGER armoire upstairs (finally!). I have been begging to move it up for months, but well, it was a big job! But with our trusted dolly the two of us worked it (him like a pro, me freaking out the whole time!). But it is nice to say it is done, and the other armoire will probably have to move with the house if we ever sell because we won't be attempting going back down!

Here was the original pine cabinet. It is so rare to find a nice cabinet with nearly all glass doors, and this one is just the right size, since it isn't too deep, for most rooms.

after a few coats of grey paint:

I LOVE the combination of light wood poking through grey and white paint!! White paint and dark wood is a great combo too, but this one just feels so beachy.
The beadboard back is so charming and adds a lot of dimension to anything displayed inside. You probably noticed that the bottom shelf is a little sparse compared with the other 3, that's because Wren is in love with that shelf and takes everything out. So it will have to be a little bare for now~

Have a great day!