By now I am sure you are well aware of my love affair with grey. Most people consider it a cold, depressing color, but thankfully that it slowly changing. I usually associate grey with soft, romantic old swedish furniture and fluffy clouds and worn down pebbles at the bottom of a stream. It is very relaxing to me.

In my studio yesterday I had a blast working on a set of antique nesting tables and a darling old dresser, but my heart skipped a beat when the first coat of grey went onto a tall pine cabinet I had sitting on the outskirts of my pile. It is tall and features glass paned doors from top to bottom, with a sweeping arched top, and I hope to share it with you all tomorrow!

But until then (I say that way too often, don't I?), here are some great grey cabinets floating around.

... before I take off I want to also thank a local reader by the name of Colleen, and her boyfriend Ryan! Remember this glorious antique dining set I had recently acquired? So many of you commented and emailed me about not painting it, and well, Colleen rescued it unscathed from the grip of my paint claws. So sleep a little easier tonight knowing that thanks to Colleen it will continue on in it's glorious ebony-stained life.