If you don't hear from me for a few days, understand I am probably hanging out with the likes of these:

With the flash you can see the details on this gorgeous buffet (with really cool detachable rear mirror).
Without the flash you can see the true ebony color of the wood. I am almost tmpted just to bring it in as it is!

There are 6 matching chairs that are just amazing! The set dates back to the 1800's and is definitely one of a kind.

The table goes as small as this 54inch circle, but also has 3 additional leaves with their own feet (sitting on the table).

This poor guy has seen better days, and I have already invested hours since this picture in sanding down the crackle paint treatment. It is slow going, but I can already see the potential!

The scary thing is that these are the last on my giant list of projects! Wish me luck~