Like many things in our home, we are constantly rearranging and trying new layouts as additional paintings join the collection, and I actually have one that is yet to be hung (probably above the ornate frame at middle of the top row) but I just don't like the frame color so I will be painting it soon.
It looks like I need to break out the level and get them all straight again...
But it is really surprising how affordable it can be to do a wall of original art when you dig around at antique malls and thrift stores. I admittedly splurged on 2 of the paintings ($125 and $85), but the total is still under $500.
And because I know some of you have been waiting to see the blue armoire, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.... unfortunately this is the best shot I have because it has already gone on to a new home! I think I should try and go back and collect up all the garage shots I have of pieces that went to new homes long before I ever had the chance to photograph them.
But here are a few from the last week that were about to come inside, but found new homes as clients dropped off other items!
The blue armoire, pre-bottom knobs.

This dresser went to a teenage girl's room and the blue armoire went to her younger brother. They definitely have one cool dad in my books!

These cute side tables went together, and will soon be seen in a lovely boutique in British Columbia.

Seeing them in the "studio" definitely isn't as glamorous, so kudos to all my clients who look beyond that!!