I am running on barely any sleep today because, you see, I am a complete mad lady. I got a call yesterday afternoon to inform me that my wallpaper had arrived. Of course I have been waiting very impatiently to get started on transforming my nearly black wall. Specially now that it is much sunnier and bright outside. So we run out to pick up the paper and supplies (of course I pick un-glued wallpaper), meet up for a family dinner with my parents who are only back in town for the week, and head home around 8:30. And this is when my work day began!

You bet, I papered until the wee hours of the morning to get it up and done! (is 12:20 a wee hour? maybe not quite)

Now I am off to touch up a couple spots where my paint hand was obviously not too steady and black paint smeared the ceiling during the last transformation. And then I will share it with all of you!