New Slipcover

We hope you are having a nice Wednesday!

Wren wants to say hello to her Grandma, who has been out of town for a few weeks working on her latest renovation!!! Wren has been very enthralled with peanut butter and strawberry jam pitas lately (much less mess than sandwiches!) and her new shoes grandma got her.

She has to practice her lady-like walking because we learned that she going to be a flower girl this time next year! Her auntie Torri is now engaged (welcome to the family Braden!) as of last weekend~

I am so blown away by the interest many of you have in this easel! I didn't look at it twice until it came up for bidding but like you, Sean thought it was a unique piece and was happy to see it come home. There was a small repair to make to the bottom ledge, but it was easily fixed with some wood glue and clamps.

And I think our new loveseat has a favorite family member! Mung kee has taken up residence underneath and seems to find it very cozy under there.

I am washing rugs today so it looks a little bare in here, but I think the legs would probably be best with a coat of paint to add some character.
So many of you are interested in slipcovers but are hestitant to invest or look into them, but I would highly recommend calling a few seamstresses and just get a quote! You may be surprised how affordable they are, in fact they are probably equivalant to professionally cleaning your furniture yearly. As for fabric, it really depends on your needs. I went with a sateen cotton because I felt it was a little less rigid than denim but you can use twill, denim, even linen if you are fairly good to your furniture. Including fabric (which I spent $120 on at Chintz design center) the slipcover came to exactly $300.

Talk to you tomorrow!