We got our newly slipcovered sofa home today and she looks FAB! I will hopefully have some pictures for you all in the days to come as we rearrange everything to fit it in~

Tonight I will be painting some chairs for various clients, as well as working on this really unique easal I picked up at the auction on Sunday. I think it is just so neat and will be perfect in a corner somewhere either holding a beautiful painting, or just as it is.

If I have some time I will try to work on this gorgeous antique mirrored table, also from the auction. I love the garland detail, as well as the stains and imperfections of the old mirror.

I am just dying to get this guy repainted! The crazy green paint and glazed finish really are hideous.
Is it kind of sad that I am already referring to this guy as my crown jewel? Everything about it is just perfect! From the woodwork, to the pullout leather writing desk it is just amazing.

I am actually toying with the idea of just painting over the green interior and leaving the time worn wood finish. It is really scuffed, particularly on the bottom, but I love the idea of leaving that as part of it's character. But you know me, once I start with the paint I can't stop!!!