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I have been awfully absent from the blog this week, not only because I think Spring has finally sprung, but because we are having a hectic White Berry week. I think I have driven on pretty much every street in town this past week doing pick ups and drop offs! And you would be shocked by the garage.... seriously shocked! Unfortunately some of my lovely, loyal customers have had items "in the works" for the last 2-3 weeks which is not typical. Thankfully they are all very understanding and patient. But I think I should follow some sage advice given to me not long ago by a wise woman named Lisa Leonard who told me I need to hire an assitant. Assistance is definitely what I could use!

But never-the-less we are all enjoying some warm weather, and Wren is practicing for the big Hunt this weekend!

She currently fills the basket with puffed wheat, totes it around while gently removing each grain then placing them all back. Of course the dogs are totally loving it.

This week I have been totally inspired by some online design consultations I had been working on last weekend. They centered around country garden inspirations, so I decided to spunk up the living room with new greenery. Oh yeah, and a new coffee table!

The table was not that old, but it had suffered at the hands of mother nature. The wood was very faded and grainy so I really wanted it to show through.

I love that the wood underneath is varied in color due to sun and water exposure.

It is the perfect imperfect country table and it should be up on White Berry this evening~
My snappy farm crate also found a use for now, cradling an assortment of ferns and tropicals.

It should make it a lot easier to cart them into the tub every couple months for a little shower (apparently they really like this?).

I love the look of old terracotta pots, instead of new ones. Even cracks like this can't keep me from loving them.

Chips and rough edges just add to the charm. All of my pots come from curbs and cast-offs and to help them along in the aging process I always leave them outside when they aren't in use. I am sure some would cringe to think of a pile of relatively nice pots laying under snow and ice all winter but it gives shiny new pots a faded and aged look.

Of course the crate looks a little large for this coffee table, but we are hard at work (in between being hard at work on 20 other things LOL) turning an old kitchen table into a HUGE coffee table! It should look right at home on that~