We are having a nice semi-Spring day. Wren and I ran errands, picked up fabrics, dropped off furniture for shipping, a typical day. But last night was definitely not typical! We were enjoying a relaxing dinner with the whole family at our favorite local restaurant since it was nice and close to home. When I look up, and who walks in but Hilary Duff! In a really quiet, but hysterical voice I started whispering "IT'S HILARY!!!! IT'S HILARY!!!!" (yes, I am an admitted 26 year old fan of Hilary... and yes I do have her CD's, and OK! I will confess to singing at the top of my lungs to them while driving). Of course nobody knew what I was trying to say, and nobody else in the restaurant even noticed.... and before I knew it I see my sister chasing after Wren right towards her! She is unbelievably tiny in person and at least 100 times prettier. And let me just say, she knows a cute baby when she sees one.

Wren brushed past her leg, Hilary looks down and says "What a cutie!" and that was how Wren's first celebrity encounter ended.

Now take a peek at our fairly mediocre encounter with beadboard and drywall....

Untitled from Holly Baker on Vimeo.

Have a great Friday everyone!