Ughhhh, the last two days have been VERY depressing. It was looking like Spring for a few weeks, all the snow was gone, and then we woke up to a whole new coating of white stuff the last couple days...

It definitely had me wishing my garage wasn't completely full, forcing us to park outside!
But a few things have managed to keep me smiling: Wren's hilarious new "fake" laugh, working on the laundry room, and these chairs.

As soon as I saw this chair I fell in love! It looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book~
So off it went to my upholsterer...

and once it is done there it will probably head over my seamstress. I think it would look lovely with a cover like this:

or maybe something a little more romantic like this:

This chair completely made my heart sing!

The scale is an almost exact replica of this Shabby Chic chair, just a little bigger!

I think I like Rachel's suggestion of using it as an occasional chair~

And now we are off to pick up my lovely desk!