Broken chairs and a broken leg?

Recently the lovely Rebecca and I attended a local auction. As the day wore on and undesirable items came up on the auction block we started to do what all girlfriends do, gab! At best we were barely paying attention, but our ears perked right up when we heard "4 antique chairs, over 150 years old". As the price kept coming down and nary was a raised paddle to be seen I decided to throw mine up, without so much as a glance to what they looked like. Obviously the price I raised my paddle at piqued the interest of other bidders and so the auction took off.... until the price was settled at double my initial bid. Yet the winning bidder was not to be found and when the auctioneer pointed my way I looked behind me, around on all sides but we were alone. I did a confused shoulder shrug, slightly raising my paddle in the process and, well, that's how I unexpectantly bought 4 antique chairs that I have no idea what to do with for twice what I thought they were worth.

And speaking of unexpected, yesterday Sean was being a typical boy and wrecked himself! He insisted on hitting the slopes just one last time before the snowboarding season ends and long story short my best employee ended up in the ER. Thankfully it isn't a break just a bad sprain, so I am hoping he will be back on his feet soon!

I will admit, they are pretty cool, but I can already see the time investment they will take!

They almost look as busted as Sean's leg!