Houston, I have a prrrrrrroblem.

Warning: If you have no idea what Roll up the Rim to WIN is, please just ignore this (you will think I am crazed person, and I'd like you to think of me kindly). And if you have won on a roll up the rim to win cup, I also ask you to please skip over this whole post... well because I want to like you. I really do.

But my obsession won't let me.

You see, I get a medium cup of cafe mocha every. single. day.
Believe me, I have checked the facts and I think I am probably the only person with over 30 consecutive loses. Perhaps my ritual of not rolling the rim until the last drop has been drunk is what's throwing my batting average?
I have become frighteningly obessed to the point that poor Sean has resorted to rolling rims on cups that:
a. may or may not be his
b. possible might have been found in a gutter?
c. all the above
All in an effort to finally just shut me up.
Tim Horton's, if you are reading this can you tell me what's the deal???? Have you already given away all the winning cups? Am I trying too hard? Should I be ordering XL's? L's? A different drink?
Tomorrow I am going back to Starbucks. I just don't have the time to deal with a mental breakdown over an over-sweetened and heavenly hot beverage right now.