Even though it isn't quite green outside yet, we decided that we would try to be! You have seen the befores (and some afters) as we makeover the house.... but it is a sad state of affairs outside too! The original owners really set up a great plan, hiring a landscape architect and planting some beautiful trees and shrubs. But they moved out about 20 years ago and the poor yard has been neglected since. I still think the yard is beautiful, just slightly over grown and a little jungle-like!

Since we have some major pruning and clipping planned this year we decided to invest in learning about composting! We started by figuring out what our needs were, which meant a BIG bin. Of course I found the biggest, and most affordable one at my second home.

To keep it out of plain view, we decided to let it hide out in this corner of the yard. And while we are hoping that we do it all right, if it does start to get a little stinky at least it is no where near open windows or the deck. Just need to stake it in!
And by the time I came back to take a picture of the final set up, it had turned into a full junk yard and tire pile...
I don't even ask anymore, and neither should you!

But I promise it isn't all work around here! We also made it to the park to enjoy some sunshine with Wren and the dogs.

Can't wait for Summer to really arrive!