Am I the worst blogger ever at remembering to update you guys? I have so many little odds and ends that I am supposed to show you but I always forget, until randomly I wake up one morning at 7:30 to the sounds of a neighbor mowing the lawn and when I look over to the clock I see two sketches that were supposed to be blogged about at least a month ago...

Thankfully I think you might like me still, because uhhhmmmmmmmmm well I guess because you are reading this. I hope.

Since you are so patient and forgiving I just have to make amends by sharing the outcome of this little update. Remember when I was up until 1am wall papering our master bedroom, giving it it's 4th makeover this year? And then I found these cute little sketches at Goodwill for $5 each?

I fixed the bigger frame with a coat of glossy black paint about 3 weeks ago and I am really digging the results!

I added a few other things to the room (hint: you can see one of them in this picture!) and should have a final reveal in the near future! At which point I am promising to the world that I will update our reno link.

I am also smiling today because it seems my black thumb is now a light shade of green.

You might remember that I scooped up these orchids on clearance back in January because their blooms were all falling off. But with a little love and a hint of orchid food I think I might have just coaxed a few of them back to life.

These stems look like they will be pretty full once they open up!

This is one small step for man, but one HUGE step for Holly