I hope the Easter Bunny was good to all of you! He hopped over here and left some goodies for Wren, and we had a wonderfully warm day which was perfect~
Today we are back to the grind with more work in the laundry room, and getting through some client items in the paint shop. But I am thinking of squeezing in one of my own projects, this coffee table. I finished it last Fall for the family room, but I think the size may just be perfection for the living room. I have several pedestal kitchen tables we will be cutting down to coffee table height today so I will hopefully have one left over for the family room as well. But this table is just so much bigger than any table I have seen or worked with before, and I need huge for the living room!

I picked up a perfectly "Martha" shade of warm-grey mistinted paint last week and think that the table would take on a whole new feel with a make-over. Of course, it may or may not happen todady depending on whether we get through everything else!

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